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We offerUVS110825-037

  • full service videography without compromise
  • quality recording without the jargon

so you can enjoy your wedding day without thinking about the technical details.


camcorder-BAll our packages include:

  • Professional videographer using digital video equipment (professional HD digital camcorder(s), tripod, dolly, light, quality microphones)
  • Unobtrusive filming from multiple angles
  • Non-linear video and audio post-production
  • Custom made DVD cover
  • Own transportation costs, – excluding interstate travel



Videography Packages

(max. 2 hours)

  • The Ceremony (inc. pre and post ceremony recording)
  • Full editing
  • 1 DVD

(max. 4 hours)

  • The Reception (inc. arrivals, cutting the cake, speeches, dances)
  • Full editing
  • 3 copies of DVDs


(max. 6 hours)

  • The Ceremony (inc. pre and post ceremony recording)
  • The Reception (inc. pre and post ceremony recording, arrivals, cutting the cake, speeches, dances)
  • Full editing
  • 3 copies of DVDs



  • Photo montage opening – if needed (background music)
  • Groom’s House – if needed (highlights)
  • Bride’s House – if needed (highlights)
  • The Ceremony (ceremony in full, pre and post activities highlights)
  • Photo shoot (highlights, background music)
  • Reception (bridal party entry, cutting the cake, speeches, bridal dance in full, all other activities highlights)
  • Messages and well wishes, dances, and all the other activities on the day highlights only.
  • Full extended editing
  • 3 copies of DVDs


Please note:
We’ll capture outside and inside segments, people, animals and objects. The events of the day will be edited in post-production to form an informative and artistic look as needed. Activities such as the ceremony, entrances, cutting the cake, speeches and the bridal dance will be continuously filmed, others will not be recorded in full.
We’ll concentrate on the important and meaningful parts, therefore not everything during the day will be captured, and to maintain a high quality outcome, not all recorded material will be placed in the final compilation.
We will provide our clients with the edited production, raw material will not be given away.

Please let us know if you have any special requirements, we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

We are here to provide you the best service possible. Please get in touch with us if you need further information.